Kostas Roungeris

Marketing Manager

Cloud Solutions, EMEAR

Kostas “Constantine” Roungeris is a member of the cloud corporate marketing team, big fan of all things Cloud Computing and all the different meanings that everyone has for it.

His professional experience has been always focused on the paradigm, via various product and business development positions.

Born and raised Athenian, keen footballer, avid snowboarder and slope explorer; vinyl collector and piano/guitar enthusiast, hopeless wannabe band frontman; pretentious cinephile and road-tripper.

You can also follow Kostas on the Cisco UK&I Blog.


February 6, 2017


“Show Me Your Cloud, Cisco!”

Cloud. The teenager’s internet. The celebrity’s nightmare. The IT salesperson’s most favorite or most hated word, depending on where you work. The Cristiano Ronaldo of IT.