Karan Capoor

Senior Technical Solutions Architect

GPO Partner Managed XaaS

Karan is a Technology Leader with extensive experience in Networking, Full Stack Solution Design, IoT, OT, Mobility and Technology Strategy. He has excellent expertise as a solution architect handling IT and OT solutions while delivering digital transformation projects. Additionally, he has enjoyed notable success in building blueprint roadmaps for customers from requirements gathering through to project delivery. Karan love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to reach out and say hello.


December 15, 2022


Delivering Energy Savings and Sustainability with Cisco and HCL

3 min read

Cisco — a leader in industrial, IOT networking — and HCLTech (HCL) — a leader in energy management solutions — have joined forces to develop an end-to-end digital sustainability solution leveraging existing products, including HCL’s Net-Zero Intelligent Operations platform (NIO), Cisco IOT gateways powered by the Cisco IOx application hosting environment, and IOx-enabled Cisco network devices.