I’m an inventor. I never dreamed I would be, but I am. Thanks to Cisco.

I got the call from Cisco to interview back in 2010, after moving back to India from living and working on the paradise island country of Curacao. I’d always wanted to work for Cisco!

I moved from a laid-back lifestyle to an enthusiastic, charged-up environment with people who want to create change for the world. The Cisco culture influenced me so much, and taught me the most important inventor lesson – it’s never too late, for anything!

I started the journey to inventor/patent holder when I got the chance to work for the (super) engineering team known as SDU (Systems Development Unit) which changed names several times, but now called IPG. (Industries Product Group)

We were working to solve challenges that hadn’t been seen at Cisco, and my manager gave me my second inventor lesson. Do something out of the box.

My team started working on connected manufacturing, specifically on PROFINET (Industrial Protocol), and we got support from Cisco to go through a three-day, instructor-led training on PROFINET.

On the last day of training, my co-inventor and I were having tea, and started a friendly debate about the lack of security of this industrial protocol. As many inventors do, we put our thoughts down on a napkin and within two months of discussion with the Patent Team, we got the approval. Three years later, I stand here with my first Patent Plaque in my hands! That’s my third inventor lesson. Work with great people!

The biggest reason I love working here is a chance to work in different teams (Currently working in Digital Transformation Office (DTO) – India Sales), different technologies and colleagues who have become friends for life now. The advice to anyone is never think of any work small or big, if things are not working reach out to senior members/management and don’t hesitate. That’s my fourth inventor lesson. Be bold of failing and starting all over again.

Over the last seven years at Cisco I’ve achieved a lot. (I’ve also became a father, which has taught me patience!) I keep myself ever-engaged with new technologies by achieving certifications like CCIE R&S, CCIE DC, CCNA, CCNP VCP, PROFINET… the list is ever growing.

I leave you with a piece of advice, if I can, then you can too!

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Karan Capoor

Senior Technical Solutions Architect

GPO Partner Managed XaaS