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In Episode 115, Geoff Anderson, Content Product Manager for Cisco Learning and Certifications, unveils the latest updates from Cisco U, including new learning paths, micro-courses, and education tailored for specific roles.

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Navigating the expansive world of Cisco U.

In Episode 115, we enjoyed featuring Geoff Anderson, Content Product Manager for Cisco Learning and Certifications. Geoff’s insights shed light on the commitment of Cisco U. to refine its educational offerings. He spoke about the role-adaptive learning paths, micro-courses, and the overarching emphasis on career-centric learning. The episode offers a glimpse into tailored learning experiences for network administration, security engineering, and networking automation roles via new role-based learning paths.

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Efficient learning through micro-courses and podcasts

Geoff extensively discussed the transformative nature of micro-courses. Tailored for the modern professional, these courses are concise and densely packed with relevant information. They span the spectrum of foundational CLI commands for beginners to the intricacies of software-defined networking for advanced learners.

Beyond just courses, Cisco U. boasts a diverse range of learning resources. Geoff proudly shared insights from his “CCNA Exam Preparation” podcast, which offers listeners invaluable tips and strategies. However, what truly caught our attention was his enthusiasm for a fresh learning path: “Implementing Cisco NCS540 Series Routers.” Geoff outlined this path’s comprehensive structure and real-world applications, signaling its importance in the current IT landscape. If you’re curious about Geoff’s in-depth take on this and why he believes it stands out among the vast offerings, tune into Episode 115 of Snack Minute.

Enhancing tech skills with Cisco U.

Our hosts, together with Geoff, discuss the comprehensive range of resources available on the platform. From detailed courses, hands-on labs, structured tracks, and learning paths to useful blueprints, Cisco U. consistently updates and provides the tools and knowledge you need to stay ahead. As technology evolves, Cisco U. is committed to delivering fresh learning content, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current skills and knowledge to excel in your IT career.

Embark on your continuous learning path

We heartily recommend watching the episode to grasp the depth of insights and valuable content discussed in Episode 115. Don’t miss out – by registering for a free Cisco U. account, you unlock a world of cutting-edge learning tools and resources. You can rely on Cisco U. whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned tech professional. We offer the resources to keep you updated and competitive in the constantly advancing world of technology.

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