Isaac Naor

SVP & Chief Technology Officer

Ping Mobile

A disruptive technologist, designer and entrepreneur, Isaac Naor innovates with one end goal: to challenge crucial limitations in the industries that impact us most.

After a decade of leadership in mobile marketing, Naor has established himself as a pioneering voice in health care tech and the biometric sensory space. His work focuses on the underlying issues in current electronic medical record systems and the integration of biometric sensory hardware and software.

Naor is Chief Technology Officer at OPUS Telehealth, where the technologist leads a team developing FDA-approved biometric sensory products that aim to optimize the healthcare experience for patients and doctors. Guided by his multifaceted background, Naor ensures these mixed hardware and software products reflect the principles of intuitive design, simple and delightful user experiences, and the fundamentals of effective mobile advertising. He is acclaimed for bringing tried-and-true paradigms and a fresh perspective to industries that historically lack innovation.

Concurrently, Naor continues to be a recognized leader in the mobile advertising industry. As Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ping Mobile, Naor expanded the salability and efficiency of mobile marketing platforms and services for clients including Fortune 1000s. Naor’s notable projects included hyperlocal mobile rich-media campaigns that doubled interaction rates; text message-based CRM platforms that allowed tier-one mobile carriers and their SMB clients to connect with audiences on both personal and scalable terms; and an industry-first 3D mobile app and user interface that evolved into the framework of a touch-optimized operating system.

Naor has become a key player in Downtown Las Vegas’ growing tech scene. Before relocating to Las Vegas, he spent more than a decade immersed in Venice Beach’s community of tech innovators.


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Connecting The Unconnected: What If We Have It All Wrong?

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