Howard Charney

Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman and CEO

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October 24, 2013


#ExecInsights: Metcalfe’s Law Meets the Masai

We talk about extending the Internet and IT to everyone on the planet. But some 783 million people – 11 percent of the global population – don’t even have clean drinking water. About 20 percent have no access to electricity. More people worldwide have mobile phones than toilets. Hunger kills more people every year than […]

September 26, 2013


#ExecInsights: Global Millennials, Don’t Wait for Global Solutions

If you rely on government to solve your problems, you will wait a long time. That’s what I told 600 youth delegates from around the world (and some 4,000 more online) at the “Beyond 2015: Global Youth Summit” in San José, Costa Rica, a couple of weeks ago. The ITU brought these young leaders together […]