Helen Douglas

Communications Director & Head of UK Apprentices

Customer Experience (CX) EMEAR

STEaM Ambassador Digital Routes Panel, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education Helen Douglas leads Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) EMEAR communications team, who are responsible for telling and amplifying the Cisco CX story to make it relevant, relatable and inspiring to the EMEAR employees, partners, customers and influencers. Helen has over 20-years digital industry experience, including communications, change management, marketing and sales enablement. She is an English Literature and Journalism graduate of University of Hertfordshire, UK and University of Wisconsin, USA. Helen is an advocate for diversity and equality in the workplace and leads the Cisco EMEAR apprenticeship Academy. She is a STEaM ambassador and industry sponsor at various schools in Greater Manchester. Helen’s mission is to attract, develop and offer best-in-industry career opportunities to diverse groups of young people for their benefit and that of our society and industry too. It’s her dream to be a part of enabling a generation of outstanding citizens to make a difference to the world. Helen has lived and worked in the Unites States and Asia Pacific, and currently resides in the village of Lymm with her four children and show cat, Queen Persephone.


Discovering Proximity: An Interview with Mayte Marquez Querol

5 min read

Proximity is like opening curtains on a bright, sunny day: the light comes in and shows you all the details of the room, especially the things you may not have noticed before.