Gary Alterson

Director, Advanced Services - Security

Advanced Services

Gary Alterson is a Director for Security Advanced Services in the US. Gary and his team have been instrumental in transforming enterprise security programs to effectively address shifting business models, emerging technologies, and the evolving threat environment.

Gary is often sought out to speak on secure digitization, cloud, and emerging technology security frameworks as well as enterprise security.


November 7, 2018


Protecting Critical Infrastructure Networks with Zero Trust Segmentation

4 min read

Critical infrastructure providers are increasingly implementing IoT systems to support, augment, or update their already networked  operational technology.  Further, critical infrastructure is often managed and deployed over connected systems supported...

July 23, 2018


Security: Is it Mission Impossible?

3 min read

Vigilance is key. You can purchase all the tools in the world, but when a breach hits, you need to be prepared--an expert team backed by the latest threat research by your side.

Solving Security and Compliance Problems with Cisco Business Critical Services

4 min read

In this ever changing world, organizations struggle with maintaining good security and compliance hygiene. Learn at Cisco Live how Cisco Business Critical Services can help solve these challenges.