Don Meyer

Director of Product Marketing

Cisco Security

Donald Meyer, director of product marketing, security at Cisco Systems, has more than nineteen years of networking and security industry experience.

In his current role, Meyer is responsible for Cisco’s network security portfolio as well as data center and application security solutions.

Prior to Cisco, Meyer served as head of marketing at Check Point Software Technologies where he was responsible for driving marketing for Check Points NGFW portfolio as well as data center and cloud security solutions.

Subsequently, Meyer held various senior marketing positions at Aruba Networks, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Inc., Mitel, AlitGen Communications, and the Associated Press.


November 6, 2019


The death of the network perimeter and the firewall? Not so fast.

The importance of the firewall has become more relevant than ever before. Firewalling needs to be about delivering world-class security controls – the key elements for preventing, detecting, and stopping attacks faster and more accurately.

June 11, 2019


Your applications are on the move – how do you secure them everywhere?

The applications we need to do business are no longer just residing in a single, physical data center. Sure, there are some applications running in your on-premises data center. But...