Debo Dutta

Distinguished Engineer

Cloud Services

Debo Dutta is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco where he leads a technology group at the intersection of algorithms, systems and machine learning.

While at Cisco, he has also been a visitor at the Department of Management Sciences and Engineering, Stanford.

He got his PhD in Computer Science from University of Southern California, and an undergraduate in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, India.


March 2, 2020


#consistentAI: Lessons from our Journey to Kubeflow 1.0

5 min read

Kubeflow 1.0 is ready. Through perseverance and hard work of some talented individuals and close collaboration across several organizations, together we have achieved a pivotal milestone for the community. In this article we would like to take a step back, celebrate the success, and discuss some of the steps we need to take the project to the next level.

April 10, 2019


Consistent AI: The Journey Together

2 min read

The Kubeflow project has made a tremendous progress, and it is awesome to be recognized as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year in the Container category for a second year.

November 26, 2018


Accelerating Enterprise AI with Network Architecture Search

4 min read

AI/ML is a dominant trend in the enterprise. While AI/ML is not fundamentally new, the ubiquity of large amounts of observed data, the rise of distributed computing frameworks and...

April 29, 2018


Towards #ConsistentAI

3 min read

Data is already a first-class citizen in many enterprises. Today, data is used to derive insights, influence decisions, automate and optimize operational efficiency.

March 21, 2018


Machine Learning Made Simple with Cisco, Google and NVIDIA

3 min read

The world is being transformed by the recent and rapid proliferation in AI and machine learning. Enter HyperFlex and TensorFlow to effectively manage your multicloud environment and apps (respectively).