Abhijeet Karve

Business Development Manager

I joined Cisco in 2017 as a Virtual Partner System Engineer for EN and then moved on to become an Enterprise Network Content Business Development Manager, representing Cisco's worldwide Black Belt partner academy. I've worked in this position for 5 years and am responsible for worldwide end-to-end ownership of Enterprise Networks SD-WAN, Meraki Technologies, DevNet, and Environmental Sustainability training that is featured in the Black Belt role-based learning maps. I collaborate with the BU and corresponding architecture stake holders in each GEO, Partner org, and the GPO team to drive Black Belt Partner Academy. Prior to joining Cisco, I had 10 years of experience working on a range of network consulting and infrastructure implementation projects, including the deployment of a 4-tier data center/disaster recovery center using Cisco's cutting-edge network equipment, as a Technical Architect in the Global Centre of Excellence team for SDN/SD-WAN/NFV technologies, SRE manager responsible to drive proof of concept work for a custom NFV solution built with open stack/TOSCA/Cyan - Blue Planet Orchestrator/Intel’s SR-IOV & DPDK & Cisco VPP. In my current work, I am tasked to maintain end-to-end content readiness for partner enablement around Cisco SD-WAN, Meraki, DevNet, and Environmental Sustainability through Black Belt, as well as ensuring that the Black Belt material is globally consistent and locally relevant to partners from all three GEOs. In addition, I promote adoption and connect all relevant country/GEO-specific trainings with the respective black belt track.


August 31, 2023


Cisco Partners and Sustainability: We Can Help You Do Your Part

2 min read

Cisco is committed to leveraging our unique strengths to power an inclusive future for all. And together, Cisco and our partners can work together for a more sustainable--and regenerative--future.

November 16, 2022


Introducing Black Belt Partner Academy Environmental Sustainability Learning Tracks

2 min read

Not only is the technology we use and the way we use it becoming more sustainable, but our customers are demanding it as well. Our Environmental Sustainability Black Belt tracks aim to help you meet those customer demands.