In my 13 years of professional experience, I have witnessed numerous technological changes in the IT industry. To see things from a new perspective and take that next step, there were times when I had to consistently study new technologies and ideas on top of my daily responsibilities. In any given situation, the first questions that came to mind were, “Where do I begin? What technologies are relevant to my job role?”

There are numerous instructional materials available from OEMs. Which one should I choose? This is a common problem for engineers, and Black Belt Partner Academy addresses such problems by providing free, custom-tailored trainings that are appropriate for each work profile. Visit Cisco BlackBelt to learn more.

One such new perspective that’s increasingly prominent today is sustainability.

The Black Belt Partner Academy team and the core Cisco sustainability teams are making a new effort in this area to include Environmental Sustainability learning tracks for salespeople. You must be asking yourself, “What does environmental sustainability mean exactly?” Another brand-new trendy buzzword in this era of cutting-edge technology? Let me try to explain in a nutshell!

Global population growth is causing more farming and deforestation, which are contributing to climate change. Industrial and technological growth is resulting in the need for more electricity, but the planet is reaching a breaking point. Given the seriousness of the issues, Cisco’s core group of subject matter experts (SMEs) developed collateral to provide a comprehensive picture of how Cisco is addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, where strong action is required, and where Cisco can play a role. We want to share this with you, which is why we are launching Environmental Sustainability Black Belt tracks.

As technology companies—and the world—increasingly focus on sustainability, the things engineers and salespeople need to know are evolving at an incredibly rapid rate. Not only is the technology we use and the way we use it becoming more sustainable, but our customers are demanding it as well. Our Environmental Sustainability Black Belt tracks aim to help you meet those customer demands.

Environmental Sustainability Black Belt track

Let’s learn the fundamentals of Net Zero, the Circular Economy, Cisco’s commitment to GHG protocols, and how to engage customers in sustainability initiatives through the Environmental Sustainability Black Belt learning map.

Additionally, learn more about Cisco’s Green & Blue sustainability solutions amongst many other things in stage 2 curriculum. Finally, go through Cisco programs like Cisco Refresh, Cisco Green Pay, and Cisco Take Back & Reuse to help partners keep their promises to society and the environment in which they operate.

Now Available! Black Belt – Environmental Sustainability Sales Stages 1 & 2

You will find these learning maps underneath Sales Tracks – Additional Competencies and at NEW! Black Belt training tab on the main page of the Black Belt portal.

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Abhijeet Karve

Business Development Manager