In technology, things happen at the speed of change. “Evolve or get left behind” is a familiar phrase we’ve all heard. Technology is advancing at warp speed and companies are finding it difficult to manage their ever-growing and ever-changing support ecosystems. Now more than ever, companies are moving beyond maintenance and support services to managed services because they want and need a solution that delivers IT business outcomes.

Dimension Data and Cisco Deliver

Dimension Data is a global IT service company that we have worked with going on 25 years. I’ve watched this company grow its service integration business over the years and I consider them to be a leader in the space. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing a mutually beneficial relationship grow between our two companies and we, as well as our customers, have all benefited. Now, Dimension Data is taking its service integration offer to a whole new level and Cisco ServiceGrid is right in the middle of it all.

In addition to its Support Services offering (i.e. maintenance and support), Dimension Data has expanded to outcome-based, Premium Services with its managed services subscription offering enabled by Cisco ServiceGrid to help its clients reduce the complexity of managing their multivendor technology. This Premium Service is called IT Service Integration (ITSI) and, in a nutshell, instead of the customer taking on most of the operational responsibility for service delivery, Dimension Data does.

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By partnering to embed Cisco ServiceGrid into its global managed services platform, we’re helping Dimension Data expand its capabilities to serve larger customers. And, as a significant side note, our collaboration with Dimension Data made them the largest global Cisco ServiceGrid integrator and strategic partner to date.

How Customers Benefit

Our collaboration creates a secure and flexible way for businesses to integrate with their entire ecosystems and automates sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real time. Embedding Cisco ServiceGrid means Dimension Data’s customers get the benefit of:

  • Reduced time, effort, and expense to connect new service partners
  • Automated processes and interactions that eliminate errors, and improve quality of support.
  • Active governance of SLAs and performance
  • Reduced downtime and improved mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)

Making History Together

Because of the long history we have with Dimension Data we are now expanding into new territory and serving a new set of customers who are seeking to conquer complexity and evolve their support processes. Together we are helping customers do more.

Want to know more about how Cisco ServiceGrid and Dimension Data work together? Watch this video to see how we are accelerating customer service and satisfaction.


Jim McDonnell

Director, General Manager

ServiceGrid, CMCP, UCSF Alliance