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Introducing the NBase-T Alliance – Redefining Access Networks

…re access technologies: Support all existing PoE standards and UPOE (60W per port) with existing cabling plant. Interoperability: Promote a unified technology for 1G+ speeds for deployments in enterprise networks by facilitating a healthy dialogue between eco-system partners and the standards bodies. We look forward to many fruitful projects that the alliance can take on for the benefit of customers. So, please spread the word, and encourage you…


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Strategic IT Roadmap for Government Cloud

…going forward. We typically focus on 3 customer-facing operations: • User and workspace services • Business and interoperability services • Infrastructure and platform services And we describe 6 governance pillars: • People, culture and communication • Strategy and decision-making • Finance and sourcing optimisation • Risk management and cyber security • Internal controls and continuous improvement • Solution architecture and innovation Phase T…


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Cisco Partner Ecosystem Progress

…ion, wireless mobility, big data, and UCS. The solutions you find in our Solutions Marketplace are verified for interoperability and are tested as part of Cisco Validated Design. Several of our solution partners have been highlighted in Partner Voices blogs from David Durham recently. What better way to show you the strides we are making with the Solution Partner Program than to illustrate some of the successes we’ve seen lately, such as Unitrend…


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Cisco Succeeded in Network Functions Virtualization System Trial

…trator (NSO), the core network of long-term evolution (LTE) systems. The DOCOMO trial successfully verified the interoperability of virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC) software with our virtualization management system for network control mechanisms, such as scalable data processing capability for congested data traffic and stable network recovery in the event of hardware failure. Seizo Onoe, executive vice president and chief technology offic…


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POODLE and The Curse of Backwards Compatibility

…flaws in the protocol design were discovered, new versions of the protocol were released. In order to maintain interoperability the most recent TLS standard requires that systems support previous versions down to SSL 3.0. The discovery of a cryptographic weakness in SSL 3.0 and the publication of an attack that can exploit this provide attackers with a means to attack TLS implementations by intercepting communications using the old SSL 3.0 proto…


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