Explore the Cisco Switching Platform and Software sessions at Cisco Live, scheduled for June 6th through 8th in Las Vegas! These sessions cover topics including fundamentals of Wired Networking, Smart Buildings, Cloud Enablement, High Availability, BGP EVPN solutions and everything in between! These sessions include breakouts, tectorials, hands-on labs, and more.

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C9K switching platform and software sessions at Cisco Live

Here are the details of the sessions

Breakout Sessions

BRKENS-1501: 123 – Enterprise Campus Wired Design Fundamentals
The goal is to return to the basic principles (vs. deep-dive) of Enterprise Campus “Wired” Design (what & why?). This session is focused primarily on Cisco Catalyst products. The basic characteristics of 1/2/3 & 4-tier Campus network layers (Access, Distro, Core & Edge). When to collapse network layers, or to add another layer (based on scale & throughput requirements). The basic forwarding & convergence characteristics of L2 & L3 (and Equal Cost Multi-Path [ECMP])

  • vs. Cluster-based design with StackWise (Stacking) and StackWise Virtual (SVL)
  • vs. Fabric-based design with Ethernet VPN (EVPN) or Software Defined-Access (SDA)
  • Briefly review some Campus Wireless & Security considerations (influences Campus Wired design)

BRKENS-2091: Catalyst Powered SmartBuildings – Beyond PoE Connectivity
Smart buildings of today are expected to deliver outcomes. In this session, we will discuss how Catalyst 9000 switches are powering smart buildings to provide cost savings and deliver new outcomes at the same time. This session will focus on the Catalyst 9000 UPOE+/802.3BT portfolio, discuss latest PoE Innovations on the platform, PoE Assurance and Endpoint Analytics. We will also discuss Cisco DNA spaces Indoor IoT Services for Wired devices with Catalyst 9000 Switches and how this solution helps to deliver new business outcomes beyond PoE connectivity.

BRKENS-3094: Securing End-to-End from Campus and Branch to Cloud with Catalyst 9000
Enterprises are looking to overcome traditional security approaches that assume anything inside the corporate network can be trusted. The reality is that this assumption no longer holds true with mobility, BYOD (bring your own device), IoT, cloud adoption, increased collaboration, and a focus on business resiliency. This session is focused primarily on the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switch Series which can provide end-to-end security from campus and branch to cloud:

  • Secure Infrastructure with Cisco Trustworthy Solutions.
  • Secure Transport with MACsec and IPsec (Site-Site, Site-Cloud).
  • Secure Endpoints with native connectors (Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), Cisco Umbrella).
  • Auto-profile and secure endpoints using Endpoint Analytics and Trust Analytics.

With this session, you will be able to take away how Catalyst 9000 Switches are built with security in mind for fulfilling various use-cases.

BRKENS-2098: Building Time Sensitive Networks with Catalyst 9000 Switching Platforms
In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to build a network that can onboard time sensitive applications or devices onto an existing ethernet network. We will discuss technical details around PTP protocol and design considerations when you are enabling PTP. We will also dive into:

  • The significance of different PTP profiles on Cat9k (Default Profile, AES67, 802.1AS and G8275.1) and use cases for those profiles.
  • Discuss how PTP is assisting customers to bring Pro AV and Broadcasting environments onto Ethernet networks at scale.
  • Discuss details around Audio Video Bridging Solution and how you can enable AVB on Catalyst 9k switches to build end-to-end AVB networks.

BRKENS-2092: BGP EVPN in Enterprise Campus with Catalyst 9000 Switches
This session will cover the Enterprise BGP EVPN Solution in the Campus using the Catalyst 9K platforms. We will discuss the major drivers behind the adoption of the technology, supported features, interoperability between other Cisco Platforms, and different design considerations when it comes to deploying it in the production. This session is more focused towards the design considerations from an enterprise networking perspective. During the session, we will also cover some best practices, newly added capabilities, and enhancements in the solution.

BRKENS-2095: Designing Highly Available Networks Using Catalyst 9000 Switches
This session will cover new and existing high availability features introduced in Cisco IOS-XE on Catalyst 9k Switching Platforms. We will discuss how you can achieve high availability in your network through various stages in the design lifecycle. During the initial design, we will discuss the benefits of features like Stack Power, Power Resiliency modes, StackWise-480, and StackWise Virtual. After the design phase, we will discuss features like GIR, Extended Fast Software Upgrade (xFSU), Patchability, and ISSU that will help maintain resiliency during the operational phase. We will then conclude by understanding how you can efficiently leverage all the HA features in different network designs and achieve maximum uptime and resiliency.

BRKARC-2092: Catalyst 9000 SiliconOne and IOS XE Architecture and Innovation
How is Cisco IOS-XE similar or different from other Cisco OS architectures? Do you wish you could look inside the different software layers, and understand how they all work together (or when they don’t, for troubleshooting)? Why do we even need ASICs? Can’t we just do everything on multi-core CPUs? FPGAs?

You may already know about the Cisco UADP family of ASICs on Catalyst 9000 series, but do you know about the new Cisco SiliconOne family of ASICs? Do you want to know how SiliconOne works in Catalyst 9000 series switches?  This session will focus on the hardware and software components upon which the Catalyst 9000 family of switches is built. Topics covered will be:

  • Recap of the basic principles and history of IOS and ASICs.
  • Overview of the components of Catalyst 9000 IOS-XE.
  • Key innovations enabled by IOS-XE releases 17.9 and 17.10.
  • Why do we even need ASICs? : CPUs vs FPGAs vs ASICs.
  • UADP and Programmable ASICs : The spirit of C9K.
  • Introducing Cisco SiliconOne ASICs : What’s new/different?
  • A glimpse into the future of Catalyst 9000 series : What’s coming?

BRKARC-2098: Catalyst 9000 Series Switching Family – Access
This session will cover the platform overview of Catalyst 9K access switches. It will share the details of the Catalyst 9K product portfolio which will include new additions in fixed and modular access series – Catalyst 9200, Catalyst 9300/X, and Catalyst 9400/X. The session will talk about the component at the heart of these switches which is the ASIC. It will also cover common attributes, technologies, and features in the Catalyst 9000 Switches.

BRKARC-2099: Catalyst 9000 Series Switching Family – Core and Distribution
This session will cover the platform overview of Catalyst 9K core and distribution switches. It will share the details of the Catalyst 9K product portfolio which will include new additions in fixed and modular core and distribution switching series – Catalyst 9500/X and Catalyst 9600/X. The session will talk about the component at the heart of these switches which is the ASIC. It will also cover common attributes, technologies, and features in the Catalyst 9000 Switches.

BRKENS-1093: Catalyst 9000 Switches and Cisco DNA Advantage
Want to make the best use of your Catalyst 9000 DNA Advantage? Wondering what the DNA Advantage on C9K brings to you besides basic Automation, Assurance and SDA? This session is all about going beyond the speeds and feeds of the C9K Switching and takes you on a tour of our Catalyst Full-Stack offerings – innovative solutions addressing important needs of access networks. It will cover market differentiating capabilities that enable Edge intelligence (App hosting use cases), IoT connectivity and security (Wired IoT Gateway, POE Analytics, Endpoint and Trust Analytics etc.), Application visibility and analytics (SD-AVC, ERSPAN etc.) as well as Service discovery and assurance in your networks (DNA Service for Bonjour, Thousand Eyes etc.). With C9K, you already have these deployed! Learn more to enable these and get the best of your Catalyst 9K Switching today!

BRKENS-1090: Enabling Cloud Services at the Edge with App Hosting on Catalyst 9000
Did you know that you can run applications natively on Catalyst 9000 series platforms to enable Cloud services? Catalyst 9000 series platforms make a perfect embedded platform for application hosting in the branch and enterprise. In this session we will walk through the system architecture, use cases, application requirements, application HA and Cisco IOS-XE configuration required to deploy applications on Catalyst 9000 platforms.

BRKENS-1095: Service Assurance with ThousandEyes on Catalyst 9000
Enterprise network architectures have been changing rapidly over the last few years. SaaS adoption, and ‘cloud’ data centers all rely on using the Internet as the network backbone. As increasing volumes of traffic go through the public Internet, effective troubleshooting, and end to end visibility is very important. In this session, we will show case ThousandEyes Integration with Catalyst 9000 platforms, Catalyst 9000 App hosting framework, how we can deploy ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent and how we can measure/troubleshoot end to end network and applications performance.

BRKENS-2097: The Industry’s Only Flood-Free mDNS Experience in the Enterprise Campus, Powered by Catalyst 9000
In this session, learn how Cisco is changing the industry with the Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour solution. We will discuss the solution, as well as the innovations that it provides in enabling mDNS services at a scale for the enterprise. The software-defined solution enables network-wide distributed devices to advertise and discover mDNS services across Layer 3 network boundaries based on policies, where mDNS services are advertised and discovered end-to-end utilizing a unicast model—no more flooding! Furthermore, network boundaries can be defined for mDNS services at a micro-location level. Bringing a granular, home-like mDNS experience to the enterprise network.

BRKENS-2096: Catalyst 9000 Switching QoS Deep Dive
This session will deep dive into the QoS model used in the Catalyst 9000 series of switches powered by the UADP and Silicon One Q200 ASICs. The session will cover platform specific designs for classification, policing and ingress and egress queueing policies which is applicable to the Catalyst 9200, 9300, 9400, 9500 and the 9600 switches. To close things off, the session will cover thought process to be followed for migration configurations from Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches over to the Catalyst 9500/9600 series switches. This is an intermediate session and attendees are assumed to have a basic understanding of different QoS operations and terminology.

Tectorial Sessions

TECENS-2001: Designing High Availability for your Wired and Wireless Access Networks
This session studies Enterprise Campus Access Network design fundamentals and considerations for improving high availability, minimizing network disruption for planned and unplanned outages. Key concepts, methodologies, and deployment recommendations including network topology analysis and best practices are presented. Starting with overall high-availability concepts and definitions and network design concepts, the session dives into network design recommendations, device-level recommendations, and HA optimization for Campus wired and wireless access networks.

TECARC-2446: Catalyst 9000 Switching Family Architecture
This technical seminar will cover the platform architecture of the Catalyst 9000 family of switches. We will go into the details (in-depth) of the Catalyst Switching product portfolio as well as introduce the most recent additions to the family. In this session we will cover our offerings across access, distribution, and core switching – C9200, C9300, C9400, C9500 and C9600 series.

We will talk about respective hardware specifications, redundancy options, high availability features and key switch capabilities such as Multigigabit Ethernet, PoE/UPOE(+) etc. We will also take a deeper look at the ASIC (component at the heart of these switches) and go over packet walks. This session will also cover the software architecture of IOS-XE. With this 4-hour deep dive, will have a much better understanding of the Catalyst 9000 Switching family, its building blocks, and its architecture.

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TECENS-2618: Catalyst 9000 Switching Software Innovations and Solutions
This session will cover the IOS XE Software architecture in detail along with unique innovations and solutions being enabled on the entire Catalyst 9000 Switching family. We will discuss the new innovations and enhancements in the Quality of Service (QoS) model, High Availability Design, Security/Zero Trust domain, Programmability, and use cases being enabled by Application Hosting. We will also discuss multiple unique solutions being delivered by IOS-XE on Catalyst 9000 Switching Family like the Smart Building Ecosystem, AVB/PTP, BGP EVPN, MPLS, and more.

CCP-1402: Catalyst 9000 Switching Innovations & Roadmap
This NDA session provides Cisco’s strategy and roadmap for enterprise switching portfolio and solutions.

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Hands-on Labs

LTRENS-2429: BGP EVPN Lab with Catalyst 9000 switches
This hands-on lab will give you an overview of how to deploy and configure BGP EVPN Fabric on Catalyst 9000 platforms. This hands-on lab will deep dive into below topics.

  • Build Layer 3 Overlay’s for Segmentation.
  • Build Layer 2 Overlay’s to bridge traffic between hosts located on different switches.
  • Route Multicast in Overlay with Tenant Routed Multicast.
  • Configure external handoff using VRF-lite.
  • Micro segmentation using SGT’s.

LTRENS-2256: Catalyst Switching Innovations Lab
This hands-on lab session will cover the latest IOS-XE innovations enabling new capabilities such as IPsec, ThousandEyes Integrations, Smart Workplaces, Programmability, and other features (High Availability and Security) scale among other key enhancements on the Catalyst 9000 family of switches.

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See you in Las Vegas!

See the full list of sessions in the Cisco Live Session Catalog. Also, see a list of the Programmability and Automation Sessions. Looking forward to catching you in Vegas for these breakouts, tectorials, and hands-on labs!

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