David Kornaros

Chief Business Architect

Cisco Validated Framework

David Kornaros is a Business Architecture, Operations, and Change Leader based in Greenville, South Carolina. He is currently the Chief Business Architect for the Cisco Validated Framework (his dream job). David has been with Cisco on and off since 2012 serving in partner-facing and operations roles. He and his wife, Claudia, are thoroughly enjoying empty nesting with their affectionate Russian blue cat…..after spending 20 years raising 3 young adult leaders. In his spare time, David likes to remodel his home. When not at home, you can usually find him at a local home improvement store buying supplies for his latest project.


April 12, 2023


Doubling Down on Cisco Validated

2 min read

Born from decades of success with Cisco Validated Designs, the Cisco Validated Framework is committed to providing the design and deployment resources IT professionals need to deliver on business outcomes.