When it’s your job to ensure your organization invests in the IT solutions best suited for its desired outcomes, the responsibility isn’t one to be taken lightly. Evaluating IT solutions can be a daunting process, and the consequences of making subpar IT decisions can lead to a range of negative, costly outcomes. This added pressure doesn’t do you (or your team) any favors.

That’s where the Cisco Validated Framework comes in. Read on to learn how we are ‘doubling down’ on Cisco Validated, how the Cisco Validated Framework benefits you as an IT professional, and where to access Cisco Validated design and deployment content.

How we are doubling down on Cisco Validated 

You are likely familiar with the Cisco Validated brand in the form of Cisco Validated Designs, known for its best-in-class design and deployment documentation. Now, we have invested in the Cisco Validated Framework, born from decades of success with Cisco Validated Designs.

The Cisco Validated Framework provides technical solution clarity, the availability of just-in-time design and deployment documentation, and solution validation leveraging customer-centric criteria. Backed by the promise of ongoing innovation, the Cisco Validated Framework delivers solution experiences you can trust.

How the Cisco Validated Framework benefits IT professionals

Evaluating the appropriate IT solutions typically involves researching, testing, and verifying various options. It’s critical you have a deep understanding of each solution. That includes potential design and implementation considerations that can impact your ability to support and enhance IT and security operations effectively.

Getting started with this evaluation process can be challenging. It can be stressful to determine the best and most efficient methods to assess different solution options and ultimately make decisions that align with your business objectives. Making subpar IT decisions can lead to a range of negative consequences like increased risk, losing ground to competitors, decreased revenue, higher expenses, increased complexity, and even disruptions to business continuity.

Unfortunately, vendors don’t always make it easy. That’s why we are committed to creating the interoperability you need with the highest possible quality.

The Cisco Validated Framework ensures you can deliver trusted solution experiences to your stakeholders. As a member of the engineering community focused on design, deployment, and/or operations, this means you have access to the relevant content you need to successfully deliver on your organization’s business outcomes. In addition, you can turn to Cisco Validated communities for relevant resources that support your technical learning journey.

Access the Cisco Validated Framework design and deployment content

As part of executing the Framework, we develop specialized content for Cisco and partner consumption. These outputs are leveraged to create relevant offerings for the broader engineering community via the Cisco Learning Network.

The Cisco Validated Framework Communities on the Cisco Learning Network were created to facilitate practitioner engagement in the form of discussion forums, knowledge articles, webinars, training, and labs. We are excited to be a part of this rich social learning community, which supports your Cisco Certifications and lifelong learning goals.

Engaging the Secure SD-WAN/SASE (Viptela) Community and associated webinars will complement the CCNP Enterprise Certification preparation materials, including those specific to the Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions exam.

Cisco Validated is all about you! The broader engineering community relies on Cisco Validated, and we are committed to providing the design and deployment resources you need to deliver on your company’s business outcomes. Additionally, there is no better partner than the Cisco Learning Network when it comes to ensuring value delivery without boundaries.

We will continue to exploit every opportunity that empowers you to design and deploy for impact and positions you to achieve your lifelong learning goals. Expect more value as we invest in all things Cisco Validated…and in you as an IT professional.


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David Kornaros

Chief Business Architect

Cisco Validated Framework