Vinny Parla

Principal Architect

Office of the Security CTO

Vinny Parla is a member of the Office of the Security CTO working on next generation security initiatives for Cisco. He is an inventor of the DTLS-VPN protocol and Dynamic Split Tunneling capabilities used in hundreds of millions of remote access sessions every day. Vinny also pioneered the nvzFlow protocol used in the AnyConnect NVM & CESA technology. Prior to joining the CTO office, Vinny was the lead architect for the Secure Access and Mobility group at Cisco. Vinny has extensive experience architecting end-to-end security solutions and leading large development teams in building innovative products for enterprise customers.


June 12, 2023


Coming soon: A standards-based approach to zero trust access

4 min read

Zero trust is gaining ground across the industry and prompting a wave of new offerings and proprietary technology.

September 24, 2021


Cisco Interop: Discovery of Designated Resolvers Protocol Implemented

2 min read

As the pioneers of secure DNS, Umbrella is once again at the forefront of policy enforcement and interoperability – ultimately making DNS more secure.

March 27, 2021


Future Focused: A Safer Way to Expose Private Server Names

2 min read

Working to stay ahead of bad actors and keep our costumers secure is our priority, that's why we’re exploring a safer way to publicly advertise private services within an organization. It’s a concept we’re calling Auth-DoH.

October 4, 2019


Using CESA to Solve Endpoint Blindness for a World Class InfoSec Team

4 min read

Cisco Endpoint Security Analytics (CESA) Built on Splunk brings together the endpoint behavioral visibility of Cisco’s AnyConnect Network Visibility Module (NVM) and the data transformation power of Splunk analytics.

December 23, 2015


New Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module App for Splunk

1 min read

Users on the network are an important layer of an organization’s security strategy – and a particularly vulnerable one. In fact, a recent IBM cybersecurity report found that human error was a contributing factor in 95% of all security incidents! It is critical to know what users are doing on the network, especially since some […]

November 16, 2015


An introduction to the new Cisco Network Visibility Flow Protocol (nvzFlow)

5 min read

As recently announced, Cisco AnyConnect 4.2 extends visibility to the endpoint with the Network Visibility Module (NVM).  Users are one of the most vulnerable parts of any security strategy, with 78% of organizations saying in a recent survey that a malicious or negligent employee had been the cause of a breach.  However, until now, IT Administrators […]

September 10, 2013


MS Detours: Ongoing vigilance keeps customers on the right track.

4 min read

This post discusses the potential for vulnerabilities to be present in software products due to the use of 3rd party Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). In some cases the DLLs that are injected end up with privileges, or permissions, that are far greater than what should be allowed.