Cisco’s effort to power an inclusive future for all is not solely focused on enabling digitisation for businesses, but (as stated within our Annual Purpose Report) looks to act boldly and deliberately to drive fairness, inclusion for our people, and equitable access to opportunity for our global communities. In doing so, Cisco’s commitment to achieve our purpose, also ensures a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet so that people and ecosystems can thrive.

Here are 5 ways I have seen Cisco’s commitment to sustainability play out in my daily role:

1. As a Systems Engineer, I know that our partner community is critical to Cisco. Having the privilege to shape our distribution channel means I am not only confident in technically supporting our partners as they pave the way for their customers, but I am also confident every hardware that gets shipped out will incorporate Circular Design Principles by 2025.

2. Expo 2020 in Dubai – When I visited the summit (whose official digital network partner is Cisco) I was inspired by the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” This is a motto that is in line with Cisco’s mission statement, and the various pavilions showcasing each country’s contribution to sustainability, mobility, and opportunity was powered by Cisco’s innovative solutions. The capacity to connect more than 250,000 users to the Wi-Fi infrastructure, a seamless SDA network, a secure network powered by the Catalyst family, and over 430 screens powered by Cisco Vision all meant a state-of-the-art experience for all expo employees, participants, and partners. It was no small feat, but the Cisco team and Expo 2020 made it appear seamless.

3. Meeting People Leaders at Cisco – I was also able to meet Reem Asaad, Cisco’s Vice President for the Middle East & Africa region, and it was reassuring to hear the optimism in her interview at The Cisco Grove which addressed global challenges around sustainability, mobility, and opportunity – all through the power of harnessing technology. Reem is hopeful that, “Cisco is driving around the digital divide, moving towards net zero carbon emissions, and building prosperity around the world.”

4. Cisco’s partnership with COP26 – This was the United Nations Climate Change conference that brought together over 200 countries to accelerate action on the goals agreed to at the Paris Agreement and the UNFCC. These meetings positively supported inclusive debates and discussions on the future of our planet and was all made possible because of Cisco technology. Webex provided a safe, secure option for delegates who were unable to attend in person to make connections and have these necessary conversations. It was truly inspiring to hear from some of my United Kingdom (UK) Systems Engineering colleagues who were proactively getting involved with the infrastructure side of COP26 to bring the event to life. Wendy Mars, President Cisco EMEAR, is a firm believer that “as you digitise you also drive a sustainability agenda.”

5.   Hybrid Work – 2020 made us rethink not only how we work, but where we work. Cisco’s hybrid work model now focuses on flexibility, choice, wellness, and inclusion for employees – but our technology also enables companies to join the hybrid work model too with 61 million meetings taking place globally every month on Cisco Webex. The continued efforts Cisco makes towards hybrid work not only help reduce emissions but also help us in reaching our goals of being net zero across our products, operations, and supply chains by 2040. Seeing the UK’s Chief Executive, David Meads, discuss all things hybrid work on Sky News has helped give the UK a perspective on the important way tech plays a role in connecting everyone and remaining productive.

These are only a few examples of how I’ve seen Cisco and our partners continue to pave the way for an inclusive future for all. Cisco technology will a play a crucial role in driving us forward towards a sustainable future – and I am excited and proud to be a part of it.

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Ayoub Korri

Systems Engineer

EMEAR Sales - UK