Coffee! It’s not only good to wake you up in the mornings. It’s part of our culture here at Cisco. There are many Cisconians around the globe that love coffee and not only because it has many benefits for your health. It’s a tasty beverage that brings coworkers together.

Join us on our celebration of Coffee Day with a tour around the globe, where I and other Cisconians will share their Coffee love and why we all love where we work.


Lucero Fernandez

Partner Advisor

From: Costa Rica

I have to admit I was not always a coffee lover. My coffee addiction started when I was in college. We had a coffee shop on campus that had 2×1 promotions every afternoon. So I ended up loving coffee, not only for the taste and the fact that it helped me study better, but because it was the perfect beverage for a study break with my friends.

I like to try different types of coffee, but my usual is the latte. One thing I never change is I don’t put sugar in my coffee. It tastes better for me that way. One quick coffee tip I have is to go to amazon and order some Costa Rican coffee. You won’t regret it! After all, we are known for having some of the best coffee in the world.

I love working at Cisco for many different reasons. Having an environment of coffee lovers is just one of them. The culture, the people, my team, the technology and the job are other reasons I love where I work.


Roxana Olteanu

Business Development Manager

From: Poland

Coffee means happiness to me, means passion, and a drive to do amazing things. I cannot really picture my life without it, and I love how at Cisco you can be yourself, or anyone you want, including a crazy coffee enthusiast, and have the chance to write about it and share this moment with the world.

I like my coffee diverse, for it to surprise me every single time, and the choice of coffee comes in very close relation to the mood, or moment of the day, and day of the week. I would recommend to just explore coffee, allow yourself the opportunity to try and learn! I think we would all be amazed to find out how many different ways of having a coffee are there, and how different cultures have amazing rituals with this drink.

I had a “Coffee at Cisco” moment before joining Cisco, I remember seeing this video about Cisco Krakow, and in one of the scenes there was this guy showing this coffee mug, that says “enjoy” on it…that was definitely love at first sight for me! 🙂

It’s funny how such a small thing can give you so much positivity, so much happiness, so many great meetings, so many new friends made, and so many great encounters – all over a cup of coffee! The Cisco office is very often the perfect facilitator for these events too. I love where I work because Cisco is a place that encourages and embraces diversity and supports YOU in whatever you want to become.


Corinna Darmoro

Marketing Manager

From: Germany

I love coffee because it helps me wake up in the morning and puts me in a good, creative mood. Perfect conditions that help me do a great job! I drink my coffee with lots of milk and a little bit of sugar.

The Cisco headquarters in Munich, Germany moved earlier this year and since that time we have arguably the coolest (and best) coffee machine in our office. We can select our coffee/milk ratio right down to the last gram using the iPads or by an App. From there, we then have a lot of fun watching how our custom coffee freshly grinds, brews, and serves it up in our mug! You see, preparing our coffee is already an exciting process. So if you ever visit Cisco Munich, come and enjoy your own digital coffee experience! 😉

I love where I work because I have flexibility and variety in my daily work, a great work-life-balance, can work with the latest technology, have supportive colleagues, and an impressive office environment that offers work scenarios for every operation. Oh, yes, and of course because of our awesome coffee machine! 😉



Mitja Rakar

Systems Engineer

From: Italy

Perhaps my love of coffee comes from my roots as I lived near Italy, or maybe it is because my grandmother used to prepare coffee for me since I was little – whatever the case, I just love it – and I have taken my love of coffee and it’s powerful connections into my life here at Cisco.

I like to drink my coffee without sugar, with a little bit of milk and not too warm. I also prefer a big portion, so I can drink it from a bigger cup.

I have regular Virtual Coffee Meetings with fellow Cisconians around the globe, as I think that coffee always tastes better when you’re in good company.

I love Cisco because I drink good coffee at work! But besides that, it is also because I am working constantly with the cutting edge technology and I can develop myself with a good life/work balance ratio.

So, how do you take YOUR cup of coffee? We here at Cisco love that you can be you, with us – no matter your passion. We hope everyone has a perfectly brewed International Coffee Day!

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Lucero Fernández

Partner Advisor

Latam Partner Organization