Security Services

August 3, 2016


A “quick” guide to QUIC

3 min read

Intelligence Gathering 101 Traffic analysis is rapidly becoming critical for threat analysis and incident response teams, and a choke point on their capability to be effective. Performing analysis on incoming threats requires security professionals to have monitoring tools that can give them an understanding of the information coming and going into their environment. This understanding […]

July 14, 2016


Cisco Introduces Security Services for Digital Transformation

2 min read

Around the world, organizations across all industry segments and markets are faced with the task of adopting digital technologies. Business leaders realize they must begin their digital transformation journey now, or risk fundamental business disruption and, potentially, business obsolescence. Unfortunately, many organizations are missing out because they lack a comprehensive and effective security strategy. Recent […]

July 11, 2016


Effective Security Made Simple

6 min read

Every day companies are turning to digital to create new customer experiences, new business models and gain greater efficiencies. But all the while, attackers continue to advance. To defend against aggressive adversaries, security must advance to more effective solutions that are simple, automated and open. Why?  Let’s take a look at a scenario that could […]