Carl Vincent

Senior Security Consultant

Security Business Group

Carl is a security consultant within the Cisco Security Solutions (CSS) group, and has spent the majority of his carrier focused on offensive security through various forms.

While largely an attack strategist, he has experience within a plethora of technical fields that include but are not limited to physical, network, desktop application, Web application, social engineering, wireless, and red team penetration testing.

While much of his work in these areas is still hidden from the world he has presented research at information security events on 5 continents.


August 3, 2016


A “quick” guide to QUIC

3 min read

Intelligence Gathering 101 Traffic analysis is rapidly becoming critical for threat analysis and incident response teams, and a choke point on their capability to be effective. Performing analysis on incoming threats requires security professionals to have monitoring tools that can give them an understanding of the information coming and going into their environment. This understanding […]