Riccardo Nobili’s passion for cybersecurity career training is palpable. Not only is Nobili the Head of Network at Leroy Merlin, a global home improvement and gardening retailer, but he is also a Cisco Networking Academy instructor where he enables students to become future cybersecurity defenders. If you’re also passionate about cybersecurity, check out our open opportunities.

Scalable: Networks and student growth

As the Head of Network at Leroy Merlin, Nobili is accountable for all parts of the network being up and running. To do this, Nobili must ensure that the infrastructure is scalable and monitored with his team. “The network is fundamental for us and we have to guarantee it,” he said.

 “One of the best investments a person can make is specializing in cybersecurity.”
– Riccardo Nobili

Trained as a network engineer, Nobili’s interest in cybersecurity expanded with advances in firewalls. His passion led him to teach internal courses at Elmec Informatica, where he worked as a consultant, for technicians who wanted to learn more about the inner workings of their systems. Leading these courses awakened an interest in teaching for Nobili who is driven by the progress of his students. By imparting his wisdom in those courses, Nobili felt prepared when Cisco Networking Academy invited him to share his knowledge as an instructor in 2014.

Cybersecurity career training from real world experience

Nobili is particularly satisfied when students who begin his course without technical fundamentals leave with comprehensive knowledge to troubleshoot networking challenges. What differentiates the education Cisco Networking Academy provides? “All the teachers are people like me, working professionals with real life experiences,” Nobili said.

“All the teachers are people like me, working professionals with real life experiences.”
– Riccardo Nobili

Because of that experience, teachers can instruct from their real world, day-to-day knowledge. Drawing from relevant business and enterprise expertise, instructors inform their students of the challenges and solutions they face on a daily basis.

Nobili explained that in university, students may only be taught from a standard and potentially outdated curriculum. However, at the Cisco Networking Academy, the gap between study and work is lessened. He also finds benefit in the community of learners and instructors who share relevant tips in the Cisco forums and community portals.

Want to join the security field?

To fully prepare for the cybersecurity field, Nobili believes it’s essential to have a complete understanding of how the infrastructure works and how it’s connected. Nobili suggests gaining a general view of IT and networking before specializing. He recommends deepening your expertise in cybersecurity only after understanding how all the components work independently and together.

“Security is one of the most important fields that exists.”
– Riccardo Nobili

“Security is one of the most important fields that exists and is always expanding as the systems become more complex and infrastructure more critical,” Nobili said. “One of the best investments a person can make is specializing in cybersecurity.”

Pursue your cybersecurity passion

If you’re ready to pursue your passion for cybersecurity in a meaningful way, visit our open roles.


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