September 2, 2021


Cisco Developer Days – More Than a Parachute

2 min read

Since I did my first jump earlier this summer, I’ve been thinking about what makes you want to leave something safe. After all, though we know something works, and many other have done it, making the jump most definitely feels like you’re taking a considerable risk.

February 21, 2021


NSO Developer Days Is Heading to Asia Pacific

4 min read

Join Cisco Network Service Orchestrator developer advocate, Jason Belk, on March 3rd for a guided tour through free resources, talk about the roadmap, and what we've done to improve your learning path.

November 23, 2020


5 Good Reasons to Attend Cisco NSO Developer Days

3 min read

NSO Developer Days U.S. takes place December 16th. Your chance to hear from Network Services Orchestrator experts, learn from industry peers, and more.

August 20, 2020


NSO Developer Days 2020 Content Hub – Delivers Collective Intelligence

3 min read

Visit the new NSO Developer Days Content Hub on DevNet to check out the on-demand repo for network automation professionals looking for best practices.