How in the world can you compare Cisco Developer Days to skydiving?

Well, whether you’re a skydiver or a programmer, having the best people around you is as important. That goes for first-timers as well as experienced jumpers. Knowing you have people around you who have done numerous successful jumps can reduce stress and inspire you to take on the challenge!

Since I did my first jump earlier this summer, I’ve been thinking about what makes you want to leave something safe. After all, though we know something works, and many other have done it, making the jump most definitely feels like you’re taking a considerable risk. To me, having an experienced person covering my back was the key to making the leap off that plane!

And that’s where Cisco Developer Days EMEAR (September 14-15) is like skydiving. You are there together with experienced experts as you make the leap into developing your network automation skills.

Network automation in today’s highly complex world is not a trivial endeavor. It’s evolving quickly. To embark on the journey, you need things like a vision, a strategy, and a plan. All this is well described in the Cisco Network Automation Delivery Model (NADM) guide, but here is my point:

  • Both beginners and seasoned developers indicate that it is critical to have experts backing them up as they take on new tasks, just as much as I needed trust to jump from a plane

Take the leap with a community

Now, with modern collaboration, we are able to replace the need for a single trusted person with a community. For five years now, Cisco Developer Days has gathered developers to grow our skills in network automation. In the beginning, we got together face-to-face. But we have adapted to the new reality of meeting virtually. Our event now reaches not 300, but 3,000 network automation developers! Lab seats are almost unlimited thanks to DevNet Learning Labs. If this sounds interesting to you, you may want to join Jason Belk and me at our next event in September!

Cisco Developer Days EMEAR 2021, September 14-15

On September 14 we welcome you to the Main Stage. Kervin Pillay, CTO Automation – Mass Scale Infrastructure Group, is our keynote speaker and he will talk about why Automation matters to Cisco. Following the keynote, you will hear our customer Verizon ITNUC share experiences together with Cisco CX. After the session, they will answer your live chat questions, so take the opportunity to engage! As always we provide technology deep dives by engineering and product management and this time we have decided to double click on tooling and how you can prepare for a smooth migration along the journey.

Jason together with DevNet are heading up a technology track on September 15th. The track “Learn by Doing” is for those who want to get hands-on and learn more about Automation. We are rounding off the event with an expert panel to address your toughest questions on Automation.

If you want to learn more, check out the agenda and register for Cisco Developer Days now!


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Nicklas Wagerth

Business Development Manager