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Invest only 2 hours and you will give yourself time to reflect over the holidays. As a result, you will have more energy in January when it’s time to roll up the sleeves again! If you care about network automation, I will give you 5 more good reasons to register for the NSO Developer Days U.S. on December 16.

1. Be inspired and learn from industry peers

Do you have doubts about your organization’s ability to absorb the new, modern, SW-based ways of working? Are you concerned about selecting new technology and the impact it will have on future investments? The opening session by Karl Newell from Internet2 is for you if you nod or recognize the importance of this first reason.

karl newell
Karl Newell, Network Software Architect

Internet2 provides advanced networking that enables cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored to the Research and Education community. The network services offered to the community span over several different organizations. To address this challenge, a small team of network engineers and software developers is leveraging modern principles of software development.  The team creates an orchestration workflow centered around NSO that will support the rollout of a greenfield network.
“Automation is challenging but with a community backing you up, you can avoid repeating others’ mistakes. Model-driven development using NETCONF and YANG is the core of modern network automation and NSO allows us to focus our efforts on modeling services and provides the needed abstraction to device-specific implementation. NSO makes it to painless to get up to speed on YANG modeling and is a critical element in our orchestration workflow.” said Karl Newell, Network Software Architect Internet2.

The following two reasons are probably what makes our attendees come back year after year.

2. Get the latest update from the NSO Core Developers

This time around we will explore recent enhancements in our High Availability (HA) framework and the new logging capabilities for Layered Services Architectures. If you are thinking about how to make your current deployment more efficient, these are two updates you don’t want to miss!

3. Engage with NSO Experts

As always, we encourage your engagement and love to get your opinions and questions through the live chat and Q&A Sessions. Our Presenters, NSO Experts, and Product Managers are here for you.

4. Make an impact on NSO

We reserved a front seat for you. Isn’t that a great reason? Get the latest update from the Product Managers and let us know more about your needs for future development.

5. On-Demand when you have time!

Finally, we are cautious about your time, so to complement the live appearance we provide on-demand content for further learning. On-demands go deeper and allow us to provide the next level of detail. Everything will be available on the new Cisco Video platform along with content from previous events. Check out our new NSO Developer Days Event Hub!

Come prepared and learn more

Learning is a process. If you are new to NSO and have not yet started your evaluation, we encourage you to visit NSO on DevNet prior to the event. This is the NSO developer portal and will give you the core concepts, getting started guides, learning labs, and much more. If you want to tap on to the discussions and engage with the community then move on to the NSO Developer Hub! These are two very important parts of our digital ecosystem developer for developers.

NSO Developer Days coming to Asia-Pacific and Europe time zones

The next virtual event will take place in the APJC time zone in early March. Hopefully, we can follow up with an in-person (we hope) event in Stockholm in September 2021. The setup will be similar and we will hear from our customers in the region and the most recent BU updates. For all future events see our  NSO Event Calendar!

Hope to see you virtually!
Register now for NSO Developer Days U.S.

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Nicklas Wagerth

Business Development Manager