Meraki MV

Retail Tech Deep-Dive: Meraki MV Smart Cameras

4 min read

Product manager Shashank Nalla dives into the Meraki MV smart cameras and how they create better shopping experiences at the Cisco Store.

May 1, 2023


Machine Learning and MV Cameras – Customer Use Cases

3 min read

Machine Learning, AI, and Computer Vision technologies come together in the Meraki MV camera, a visual sensor offering critical insights about people and vehicles in physical spaces. Read about customer use cases.

December 10, 2020


Visibility is everything- the impact of MV cameras for retailers

4 min read

Meraki MV cameras give retailers invaluable visibility and insights into what's happening in physical locations. From brick and mortar stores, to distribution centers and warehouses, you can protect customers and associates, while capitalizing on efficiencies.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Small Business Office Safety

5 min read

For every small business, it’s essential to keep people healthy and safe. Like the old saying goes, safety first. And now with COVID-19, monitoring workplace hazards is an even higher priority. No matter how small your business might be, as an employer, you need to keep your workers and customers safe without disrupting the flow […]