Anjana Iyer

Product Marketing and Analytics Specialist

Cisco Store

Anjana Iyer is a storyteller and marketer who thrives at the intersection of creativity and analytics. She is driven by the need for diversity and inclusion in tech and media and spent her college years working in the entertainment industry to further underrepresented voices. She strives to use her background in human psychology to dig deeper into what makes audiences tick and how we can meet those needs through fresh marketing strategies.


Retail Tech Deep-Dive: Meraki Security

3 min read

Cisco Meraki security provides intuitive, cost-effective ways to keep businesses protected.

April 26, 2024


Tracking Energy Consumption at the Cisco Store

1 min read

Follow along with the Cisco Store as we baseline our energy consumption in a conscious effort to boost sustainable practices!

April 24, 2024


Retail Tech Deep-Dive: Meraki Switching

4 min read

Product manager Julie Nguyen explores how Cisco Meraki Switches help equip businesses with a centralized, connected, and stable networking environment.

April 12, 2024


Retail Tech Deep-Dive: Meraki MT Sensors

4 min read

Product manager Angela Huang explores how Cisco Meraki MT sensors provide a safe and healthy shopping experience.

Retail Tech Deep-Dive: CAE Labs

5 min read

CAE Labs Chief Technologist for Innovation, Ali McKeand, discusses how their technology is used to promote sustainability at the Cisco Store.

Retail Tech Deep-Dive: Meraki MV Smart Cameras

4 min read

Product manager Shashank Nalla dives into the Meraki MV smart cameras and how they create better shopping experiences at the Cisco Store.

Introducing the Cisco Store Lookbook

1 min read

Discover the latest in Cisco fashion and retail technology with this new quarterly lookbook.

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