There’s long been a need for better visibility and correlated insights across applications, cloud environments, and user experiences. And the need has only intensified with:

  • Applications becoming increasingly virtualized, cloud-native, and distributed
  • Data availability and security becoming more paramount
  • User experiences increasingly tied to business productivity and success

Having a comprehensive visibility solution that pieces together and makes sense of an ever-expanding digital footprint is the answer. But up until now, full-stack observability (FSO) has been an elusive goal.

That will change in summer 2023 when we launch the Cisco Observability Platform—an open, extensible, API-driven solution based on OpenTelemetry standards. Anchored by metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT), it will allow anyone to build query engines, data models, and composable UI frameworks that can help users understand, correlate, and explore the unbounded telemetry data from a limitless ecosystem of applications and cloud environments.

In a recent webinar Carlos Pereira, Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect of our Strategy, Incubation, and Applications Group, gave a preview of Cisco Observability Platform, discussing:

  • Why traditional monitoring tools are no longer sufficient—and often part of the problem
  • How the platform ingests and correlates data from many applications and cloud environments
  • How the platform presents context and root cause analyses for problems—both real and anticipated
  • How data and insights are customized for different teams
  • The ways Cisco Full-Stack Observability improves user experiences and business outcomes

After all, you can’t optimize and protect what you can’t see.

To learn more, watch the on-demand webinar.



Aditya Mohta

Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing - Full-Stack Observability

Strategy, Incubation and Applications Group