Mary Meeker

July 22, 2016


A Millennial’s Take on Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends

3 min read

KPCB’s Mary Meeker recently released her annual “2016 Internet Trends Report.” The seemingly endless facts and figures opened my eyes to both the good and the bad, to the disheartening and the hopeful. As a rising college senior and a proud member of the Millennial generation, I like to believe that I know everything -- or at least all the important bits. But as I dove into Meeker’s collection of charts and graphs, I learned much more than I thought I would.

June 2, 2016


Cisco at Code Conference, Day 2: From Meeker to Mars

4 min read

Another day, another gathering focused on the evolution of technology at Code Conference. Big names, big ideas, and a lot to think about. Executives and activists. IBM, Google, Facebook, Gates Foundation, Twitter, Cisco, Musk…