Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

September 29, 2022


Building a ML Pipeline from Scratch with Kubeflow – MLOps Part 3

5 min read

See how you can build a ML pipeline with Kubeflow! After setting up Kubeflow on your Kubernetes Cluster you (and your data science team) can explore the dataset and develop the first version of the ML model.

June 8, 2022


Building a Machine Learning Pipeline with Cisco Intersight and Kubeflow

4 min read

How machine learning applications can be deployed using Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service, and how to build an automated ML pipeline using Kubeflow.

June 6, 2022


REST, Robots, and MLOps: Visit the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live!

3 min read

Want to create your first Machine Learning model?... Build a web-application with Django?... Get started with MLOps & Kubeflow?... Integrate a Meraki MV Cameras and MT Sensors?... Then come get your hands dirty in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live.

March 24, 2022


Get Ready for Machine Learning Ops (MLOps)

6 min read

Learn how MLOps can add efficiency and predictability to the design, build phase, deployment, and maintenance of machine learning models, and help to automate machine learning workflows.