general counsel

November 7, 2013


Cisco Testimony On Consumer Protection at Senate Committee

Cisco SVP and General Counsel Mark Chandler testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee on consumer protection.

October 1, 2012


Cisco Suggests Huawei Release Court Report on Intellectual Property Misuse

To facilitate the understanding about what actually happened in the Cisco v. Huawei litigation and allow Huawei to itself clear up any confusion, we waive any confidentiality requirement for the sealed report and suggest that Huawei itself have the expert's complete final report put into the public domain.

September 13, 2012


Why Apple-Samsung Proves that the Patent System Can Work

The Apple-Samsung case not only proves that our system can still work but also reflects the genius behind our patent system.

January 3, 2012


Silicon Valley Innovation is Built Around Employee Mobility

For the sake of our country's competitiveness, I hope we can move beyond non-compete agreements with employees as a policy matter.