October 11, 2017


Security in Your DNA: Tips for Securing Your Network

3 min read

Cisco Stealthwatch and Identity Services Engine (ISE) are key components required to transform your network into a sensor capable of enforcing your security policies. But how do you incorporate automation...

March 20, 2017


The Innovation Funding Board Process in Action

2 min read

There are four main phases involved in the Innovation Funding Board process, including ideas, rapid evaluation, incubation, and implementation.

May 15, 2014


#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep11: The Human Face of Cloud

1 min read

In this week’s very first bilingual episode of Engineers Unplugged, shot in Milan, Matteo Pirelli and Luca Relandini (@lucarelandini) talk about the people part of cloud. This episode is NOT lost in translation: organizational support for cloud has to be in place for projects to succeed. This is Engineers Unplugged, where technologists talk to each other […]