January 8, 2019


The Potential of Blockchain for Network Engineers

2 min read

Let’s cut to the chase: Blockchain technology has the potential to radically improve network security. Pushing network analysis onto the network could validate data and make analysis more effective.

December 15, 2017


Cryptojacking: Hijacking your computer resources

3 min read

Your internet connection is slower than usual, your PC is also very slow, and you notice that your CPU fan is running faster when you are on a given website. All the above symptoms indicate that you could be a victim of cryptojacking. This is a new kind of menace in which malicious users or […]

Taking Advantage of The Next Wave of Innovation

3 min read

As companies digitize and take advantage of technological innovations to fundamentally change the way they do business, IT and business people need to stay on top of emerging technology trends and prepare to adopt those that will enable new business models and contribute to competitive advantage. Software will play a major role in the next […]