connected athlete

April 29, 2014


The Cloud Delivers a Better Experience for the Connected Athlete through the Internet of Everything

2 min read

In the world of sports, becoming the fiercest competitor possible is the name of the game. Today, the intersection of cloud technology and smart sports equipment is helping athletes and para-athletes perform at a world-class level. As a techie, you might admire the new shock absorbers built for downhill skis so paraplegics can hurl down […]

October 14, 2013


Verizon and Cisco Showcase New Technologies at Verizon Innovation Center West

2 min read

More than 99 percent of things in the physical world are still not connected to the Internet. The Internet of Everything (IoE) has the potential to connect the unconnected, thereby opening up unprecedented opportunities. But, it’s not just things that are connected to the Internet. People, such as athletes, are looking to utilize technology, such […]

February 14, 2013


Going the Distance: Technology for Today’s Athlete

Hills, hills and more hills but the view is amazing and does everyone here have a device tracking them? Stream of consciousness, yes, and my thoughts after participating in last weekend’s Coastal Trail Run along with 599 other runners. Connected Runners Most of whom were connected to some sort of device to help track their […]