November 30, 2017


To Save Tomorrow: The Future of Work Is Ours To Create

The truth is, we don’t know what the future will bring. Because we haven’t finished creating it yet. It’s a work in progress, and many people are asking, what kind of future will it be?

November 29, 2017


Doing the Right Thing in Life-Changing Moments

I’m proud that Cisco is continuing to ramp up the support we give our employees in the life-changing moments everyone faces from time to time.

October 19, 2017


To Save Tomorrow: The Evolving Workplace

From the cubical farm to the borderless office, the workplace has changed significantly. What’s the next stage in workplace evolution?

August 15, 2017


Superheroes Wanted: Envisioning the Future of Work

At our next Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Lab, we will focus on the future of work. Will intelligent robots take our jobs? And which superheroes (or villains) will shape the future?

July 20, 2017


Shaping the Future of Work: Three Questions to Ask

What will work look like in 10 years? We haven’t been great at predicting the future, but this time we have the opportunity to shape it. Kate O’Keeffe discusses areas of work that are ripe for innovation.

June 29, 2017


Top 5 Snapshots from Cisco Live

Innovation is everywhere, and this week it was at Cisco Live! Kate O’Keeffe shares her top five Cisco Live moments.

June 21, 2017


MyWays: How Two Days of Innovation Helped Build a Startup from Scratch

How do you build a startup from scratch? As leader of CHILL, Kate O’Keeffe has helped make it happen.

June 12, 2017


Let’s CHILL: Industry-Wide Innovation on Hyper Drive

What do you get from two days of intense, customer-focused, industry-wide innovation? You just might witness the birth of a brand new startup.

June 23, 2016


Succeeding with Customers and Partners in the “Co-Economy”

Cooperation, co-development, co-opetition. What does it take to succeed in the “co-economy”? Just as the “sharing economy” has changed the basic assumptions upon which the hotel and taxi industries are built, the “co-economy” is changing some of the fundamental ways we think about developing and bringing innovations to market.