John Capobianco

Software Engineering Technical Leader

Learning and Certifications

My name is John Capobianco! a 20-year IT professional who has fallen in love with automation! After returning to school I graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2003 and started my IT career. In 2017 I was introduced to network automation in the DevNet pavilion at Cisco Live and it changed my life. In 2019 I self-published a book, "Automate Your Network: Introducing the Modern Approach to Enterprise Network Management" to help network engineers embrace the new world of programmability and coding. I am so fortunate to have joined Cisco's Training Bootcamp team as an instructor and Developer Advocate. Please reach out to me directly on Twitter or LinkedIn - it would be amazing to connect!


March 6, 2024


Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Augment Network Automation

8 min read

The integration of artificial intelligence into network operations has opened up unprecedented levels of efficiency, predictive analysis, and decision-making capabilities. Get a glimpse into the future of network operation, with practical knowledge on harnessing the power of AI to augment network automation.

June 13, 2022


Cisco Live: Going from NetVet to Presenter

5 min read

In just a few short years, I have gone from dreaming about attending, to becoming a NetVet, to now actually presenting for my first time at Cisco Live 2022 in Las Vegas.