Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is a relatively new technology that’s already had a good reception from mobile network operators. And that’s because it fixes one of the top issues of your customers: poor mobile reception indoors. Here’s a quick overview:


Solving problems at home

Many consumers have been long plagued by a bad radio signal when they want to use their mobile phones at home. VoWi-Fi solves this by allowing them to use a Wi-Fi connection instead to make calls.

Of course, this is great for customer satisfaction. It reduces customer churn because the service users are less likely to jump ship in favour of another provider who might give them better coverage. A happy customer is a loyal customer and a longer-lasting one.

Cutting workloads for providers

When you’re receiving fewer complaints and technical support requests to your contact centres, this reduces the strain on customer services, too. What’s more, it can also result in you spending less of your resources on engineer call-outs to check your installations, fix technical problems and so on.

Making services go further

VoWi-Fi isn’t just a good thing in terms of keeping customers happy. It means that first-class Wi-Fi networks can share some of the load when it comes to voice traffic, taking the pressure off other services.

Well received by the industry

VoWi-Fi service has already been rolled out by network operators including EE in Europe and T-Mobile in the USA. And mobile device manufacturers are increasingly making the solution native in their products: Samsung launched it in 2012, followed by Apple in 2015.

That’s sure to accelerate deployments worldwide, as consumers become more aware of VoWi-Fi functionality and increasingly demand the service from their providers. And, as always, it’s better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

The Cisco approach

Cisco leads the way in delivering solutions for service providers. Back in November 2014 we launched the Cisco® Universal Wi-Fi solution – the industry’s first end-to-end solution featuring HDVX (High-Definition Voice Experience) technology that enables millions of Wi-Fi devices to operate as phones. A carrier grade solution, it delivers secure onboarding, ubiquitous coverage, performance and scale.

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Bernard Lamy

Senior Business Development Manager

GSP Mobility EMEAR