Bernard Lamy

Senior Business Development Manager

GSP Mobility EMEAR

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Making Voice over Wi-Fi really work

2 min read

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is growing as a service that mobile operators offer to customers. That’s because it helps you solve issues with poor coverage and takes some strain off...

Voice over Wi-Fi’s value to service providers and users

1 min read

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is a relatively new technology that’s already had a good reception from mobile network operators. And that’s because it fixes one of the top issues of...

What’s new with Cisco Universal Wi-Fi?

1 min read

Providing Wi-Fi has always been a land-grab for operators: making sure your service is available in all the locations you can – before your competitors get there first. And service providers have always faced a strong competitive demand to differentiate themselves from others. Here are some ways for operators to do that today: Easier connections […]

From Telecom operators to consumers: How to benefit from ‘free’ Wi-Fi

3 min read

In today’s highly-developed and ultra-competitive telecommunications markets, there is a widespread expectation among consumers that they should be able to access Wi-Fi for free wherever they are – from cafes and bars to airports, shopping centres, sports venues and public transport. In this era of ‘free’ Wi-Fi, how can service providers finance Wi-Fi deployments? Here […]