ASR 9000We’ve been talking a lot about security this week with the announcement of the Firepower 9300 and how we’re helping to secure the Evolved Programmable Network.  Earlier posts talked about the security threat, the challenge to video delivery networks, and what steps we’re taking to for both DDoS mitigation and security in general.

Part of the challenge is that there are two types of DDoS attacks – volumetric – meaning, massive amounts of data – and application specific, a smaller attack but one that targets a specific service. An efficient, effective, defense-in-depth requires protection for both. Firepower 9300 is optimized for the application centric attacks, but the Cisco ASR9000 virtual DDOS or vDDOS mitigation leveraging from technology from Arbor Networks ensures that the bad guys can’t overwhelm your defenses at the edge of the network.

That edge-based protection is important since DDoS attacks getting bigger – in 2014 the biggest according to Arbor was 400 Gigabits per second.  They’re also getting more complicated, or “multi-vector”, meaning the bad guys are attacking from multiple directions.

The Cisco ASR 9000 virtual DDoS mitigation solution, provides the most comprehensive protection on the market against volumetric attacks. It detects a threat at the network edge within seconds and automatically defends the integrity of your network, Thwarting even terabit level attacks across multiple points in your network infrastructure.

What are some of the key benefits of the ASR 9000 and Arbor solution?

  • DDoS protection at your network’s edge scales easily and cost effectively. Keep the bad traffic out without sending it to scrubbing centers.
  • Leverage existing ASR 9000 deployments if slots are available, without the need for additional rack space, power, or cooling
  • You can Combine existing Arbor Threat Management Systems Protection, for a more comprehensive solution
  • Attacks can be mitigated using Arbor Peakflow to ensure your network stays defended

Don’t stay up at night wondering if you network is being attacked. Talk with us, or download the whitepaper and let us show you how to keep the bad guys out!

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Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing