The Internet is the lifeblood of the digital economy. And in the digital economy, there is no growth, no life without the connectivity delivered by service providers across the globe.


Every country, city, industry, and organization is undergoing a digital transformation. Service providers are leading this transformation in their own networks: no longer are they simply connecting places, but now they are connecting things. And not only are they connecting things on the traditional outdoor network, they are expanding to connect things indoors, like in venues, shopping malls, and airports, where traditional approaches to connectivity may not make economic sense.

Whether leveraging technology to enable, differentiate, or even define their digital transformations and business strategies, service providers worldwide are partnering with Cisco for solutions along every stage in the journey. Here are a few examples:

• Smart City Networks wanted to animate large events with digital, as well as in-person, interactions, and they knew that a great Wi-Fi experience at trade shows and conferences requires a flexible network. Wednesday’s banquet might have 200 attendees, while Thursday’s symposium has 10,000. Smart City Networks built and now manages a scalable Wi-Fi network for the Santa Clara Convention Center in Northern California. Now, the convention center can offer better and faster services to its customers, increasing revenue generation for both Smart City Networks and event centers. Learn more.

• Fira de Barcelona hosts over 70 European trade fairs every year. Just as travelers demand constant connectivity in airports, exhibitors and attendees expect strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the venue. For Mobile World Congress – the largest mobile industry exhibition in the world – Fira de Barcelona built a vast network to connect over 280,000 square meters of event space. They also leverage Cisco solutions to collect and analyze location information like dwell times to enhance experiences for years to come. Learn more.

• Spark NZ, a New Zealand-wide communications service provider, understood that consumers in the digital age expect fast and reliable connections everywhere, from cafes to mountaintops. To offload traffic from its cellular network, Spark NZ built a robust cross-country network of 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. With this data offloaded, subscribers are enjoying faster connectivity – from city streets, to shopping centers, to ski resorts on remote mountaintops. And with pervasive connectivity, Spark NZ is laying the foundation for more businesses to become digital. In turn, they are demonstrating how service providers are using technology to enable business strategies both for themselves and their customers. Learn more.

• Melita is Malta’s oldest cable service provider. On this unique island of thick limestone, getting a wireless signal is not easy. To defend their position in the competitive market, Melita partnered with Cisco to deliver seamless transition from indoor to outdoor Wi-Fi. Their subscribers can now connect in popular outdoor zones and more than 50,000 indoor hotspots. In the first year of deployment alone, customers accessed more data via Wi-Fi than Melita’s 3G network carried in its first four years. By continuing to innovate with new technology and provide better services for its customers, Melita is leveraging technology to differentiate its business strategy from the competition. Learn more.

• Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company, is shaping the future of how employees work and communicate. Because enabling employees to use technology to define business operations and strategies is crucial for digital business, they transformed their workplace with cloud, mobility, and collaboration solutions, fostering innovation both within its own company and for its customers. Learn more.

From crowded conferences to distant mountaintops and remote islands, service providers can connect places, organizations, and people who would otherwise be digitally dead in the modern world. And Cisco is helping these service provider transform their businesses from top to bottom so they can continue to innovate with differentiated services for their customers, bring in new revenue streams, and lower costs.

With an existing network of connections between individual subscribers and businesses of all sizes, combined with a rich portfolio of services, the possibilities for services providers in the digital era are almost endless. Let’s discover how we can transform your business together.

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Kelly Ahuja

Senior Vice President

Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions