As consumers and workers seamlessly move from home, to the office, the subway, coffee shops, and everything in between, they expect a seamless connectivity between their mobile, Wi-Fi, and broadband experience.  It makes sense that the policy for their data use will also be seamless across all technologies, thus providing the user with a more customized experience.

Seamless Connectivity

NTT  Docomo recently announced that they will begin selling high-speed broadband and mobile service in a single, discounted package in February 2015 to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Services Providers like NTT Docomo and others who are doing similar plans should consider a policy solution that be uniform across all technologies, whether it is for broadband, Wi-Fi, or 3G/LTE networks.

The policy and charging control solution would be able to provide the operator with a way to consistently provide services such as mobile advertising, sponsored data, and couponing to the same subscriber, regardless of how they access the network.  For example, the Policy solution would be available through mobile, Wi-Fi and broadband:

  • When a subscriber is mobile and walking through the shopping mall, he may have an advertisement served to them when he is in front of their favorite coffee shop over Wi-Fi.
  • Then, as the subscriber leaves the mall and Wi-Fi and seamlessly connects to LTE to catch up on his favorite show on-demand while waiting for his train, he is provided with a sponsored data advertisement from his same coffee shop.
  • And finally, when the subscriber goes home and connects to broadband network, he is served with a coupon from the coffee shop thanking him for his earlier visit and a coupon for tomorrow’s breakfast special.

This consistent experience for the subscriber would be provided by the policy suite, combined with a seamless experience across the different network access technologies (Wi-Fi, LTE, and broadband).
Solutions like Cisco Quantum Policy Suite would enable Service Providers to provide such subscriber services across multiple access technologies seamlessly and consistently. Learn how Cisco is extending policy beyond traditional policy and charging rules function in this info graphic

For more information about Cisco Quantum Policy Suite, please go to: www.cisco.com/go/mobilepolicy

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Maywun Wong

Manager, Market Management