Change is never easy. And network management teams are facing unprecedented change as Service Providers are under pressure from their enterprise customers to deliver and support more agile service offerings. New technology innovations like programmable networks and network functions virtualization (NFV) can give service providers the operational agility and increased scalability needed to meet these growing demands and for providing the true end-to-end digital experience that users seek. However, these same technologies—especially NFV—can make service design and delivery vastly more complex.

So, how can SPs position themselves for success by driving automation and agility approaches to network management? Choosing the right automation and orchestration solution here is crucial to maximizing on these technologies but can be challenging and often bewildering.

Fortunately, there is new industry guidance available to help SPs select the path to make even the most advanced network evolution a lot simpler.

The market has voted Cisco NSO as the clear market leader in the LSO & Next Gen OSS space according to a new survey by SDxCentral, the trusted news and resource site for SDx, SDN, NFV, Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure.

The SDxCentral research team asked a variety of SP and Enterprise customers key questions regarding next-generation operations support systems (OSS) and lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) software. The survey defined LSO software “as integrating OSS systems with software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) to deliver automated provisioning, management, and monitoring of network services.”

When asked which vendors they considered leaders in the next-gen OSS and Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) software space, Cisco was selected overwhelmingly by customers over other competing vendors in the space.


When asked which OSS vendors their organizations were currently using, Cisco came out on top again.

A key factor behind Cisco’s leadership in the LSO space is Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f®, the most advanced and flexible service orchestration platform in the industry.   It provides end-to-end lifecycle service automation to design and deliver high quality services faster and more easily. Leading Service Providers, such as Level3, Equinix, and SoftBank, are increasingly leveraging the advantages of Cisco NSO to provision, manage, and assure services end-to-end across their networks.

What makes NSO standout?

  • NSO is entirely model driven. NSO lets you create and change services using standardized models without the need for time-consuming custom coding or service disruption, as well as, solving the challenge of massive scalability. You’ll gain the agility you need to bring services to market ahead of the competition.
  • NSO is unique in that it works in multi-vendor environments and technology stacks delivering consistent, seamless performance across a broad scope of environments. We have the broadest multivendor support in the industry and constantly adding new vendor drivers to the platform. Our NSO solution works with today’s legacy network challenges, such as layer two or three VPN provisioning as well as next generation networking based on NFV and SDN.
  • NSO offers full life cycle management supporting creation, updating, and deletion of network services.
  • NSO also provides transactional integrity which ensures fail-safe operations based on real-time view of the network. If something happens such as a device failing to update, NSO makes sure the network manager has a reliable rollback path and meet even the most stringent service-level agreements.
  • NSO is a fully proven solution with 10 years of experience, running right at scale now in a diverse set over 70 global customers’ networks worldwide spanning major Tier 1 services providers to large enterprises, cloud smaller providers, and larger enterprises in the financial services segment.


So, if you are looking to achieve true service agility through network automation, go with the market leader and choose Cisco NSO. Extract simplicity and take cost out of managing your network!

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To find out what Cisco Network Services Orchestrator can do for your business, visit www.cisco.com/go/nso.

And for more details on SDxCentral’s 2017 Next-Gen OSS and the Rise of LSO Report, the download is available here.

If you’re joining us in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress on February 27 – March 2, 2017, visit the Cisco booth which will feature a demo of Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f®.





Sanjeev Mervana

Vice President of Product Management

Emerging Technologies & Incubation