Your New Cisco Careers Website Has Arrived!

February 27, 2017 - 15 Comments
Contributors: Carmen Shirkey Collins

When I started out at Cisco five years ago as an Intern, I could never have imagined myself leading the redesign of the new Cisco Careers website. My teammates knew it would be a big job, and offered to help me with sanity checks (they did), but it turns out that it was a project that I ended up really liking, despite all the crazy stuff that comes with a big website launch.

The biggest reason is that the site is really about my teammates. It’s about my Cisco friends. It’s about colleagues around the world, and it’s about YOU. (Yes, you.)

For the last year, the Talent Brand team (my team) has been redefining how Cisco talks about what it’s like to work here. From using employee takeovers on WeAreCisco Snapchat to featuring employee videos and photos on WeAreCisco Instagram  and Twitter to the Life at Cisco blog. It’s really about you – what would make you want to come work with us, not what Cisco “the company” thinks we should tell you.

Even our friends over at LinkedIn shared with us that the first thing that most people do, and the last thing most people do before applying for and taking a job is that they talk with an employee of the company. That’s why the Talent Brand team works so hard to share employee stories, and now you can see them on the Cisco Careers website.

We’re going to let the photos on the Careers Website do the talking (along with the wonderfully written copy, of course) when you start “asking” around the site. You see, Every. Single. Photo. on our Careers site is either a photo OF an employee, or a photo taken BY an employee.


Let’s start with the photos OF employees. The people in the photos may look like models, but they’re real people, in real situations. (Yes, Cisconians look THAT good!) My own face (despite my protests) even made it onto the website. Who better to tell the story of Cisco through photos than real Cisconians?

Then there are the photos BY employees. There are fun pictures of employee desks, views from their windows (there are some great views around the globe) and even an office sunset or two.

Some of the photos are both BY and OF employees. Cisco has some amazingly talented technology-driven people who are also amazingly creative writers, photographers, artists and more. So, we asked some of those employee photographers to help us get shots of their offices and colleagues and desks and views. The WeAreCisco social media team also works with employees to get great photos for the social media channels, and we were able to use some of those as well.

Go take a look at them!

Even the text on the home page of the site – Be you, with us. #WeAreCisco. It’s all about YOU. As you can see from the images, pink hair tattoos, short, tall, male, female, and all ethnicities and viewpoints, Cisco wants your uniqueness. When you bring your authentic self and skills here, and then join with other unique people as a team, then #WeAreCisco, and the possibilities are limitless.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that everything about this project represents everything about what it’s like to work at Cisco. You get to be yourself. You’re stretched to do things to grow your career, you’re enabled to step outside of your comfort zone, you have great teammates with you every step of the way, and you work with some of the most amazing people around the globe. Yep, #WeAreCisco.

We hope all that is evident as you visit our new Careers site – don’t you want to just go ahead and apply now?


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  1. Congrats!

  2. Congrats on the new Cisco Careers site! I love all the employee photos 🙂 It’s so great to hear straight from employees why Cisco is a great place to work! (Because it is! :))

  3. Great job Ray!

  4. From SJSU to Cisco, glad to see the impact my fellow Spartans have had and continue to make across the company! Great work Ray!

  5. Your new career site is very tempting me to make the switch over to cisco! I’m going to explore your site and hope to apply soon.

  6. This is awesome! Your hard work really paid off, Ray!

  7. I love that these are real Cisco employees and not stock photos. Great job! #WeAreCisco

  8. Night and day from what the old careers site used to look like. I’m pleased by what i see. great job ray!

  9. Great job, Ray and team! New site looks great!

  10. Looks great! Easy to navigate, and I love that it showcases real employees – always a huge plus! Congrats on a great site!

  11. Looking for job and schooling in Lancaster or Palmdale area. Looking for mentoring or assistance in this endeavor. Have had some classes at venice Robert Yorgason at Venice skills center. Enjoyed it.

  12. Finally! Great work Ray. I’ve explored the website and it looks clean and authentic.

  13. I’m happy to connect and express my deep admiration and excitement for Cisco Company. I’ve been in all Cisco Lives. It’s a dream company for me –
    Maybe one day I’ll work in Cisco :).

  14. This is awesome.

  15. Yay Ray!!! So excited to see this come to life! Great job. 🙂