A Twitter success story
Theresa Russell teaches Computing to teenagers in Lancashire, England.  We found each other on Twitter.  I was looking to better understand the newest trends in #EdTech.  She needed a female mentor for an international competition she had talked five students into joining.  We soon formed a team of teachers, mentors, and more importantly, students: TechGirlsUK.  With the energetic support of the inimitable Heidi Rhodes, the girls made it to London.

Instantly, my winter was made brighter by Theresa’s commitment to helping her students shine in the big world around them.  Meeting over video-conferencing (WebEx, TelePresence) gave me the opportunity to see that Theresa was literally opening up the windows to a bright new day for her girls.  They were waking up to hope, possibility, and began to smile more often.

Lasting connections
Although we didn’t win the initial competition for which we partnered, TechGirlsUK is here to stay.  The students are becoming teachers, learning to present, inspire and mentor others.  Even boys are joining in the fun, helping grow the #TechGirlsUK brand.

The sun never sets on Theresa’s empire.  Her computer lab is the brightest patch in northern England.

Social media can help you find people who share your interests.  What are you interested in?


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