This week will kick off our biggest customer event of the year: Cisco Live 2020, and this year the event is going digital. We have a lot of great content planned for small business customers, and one session I would like to call out in particular is our Small Business Innovation Talk. During this session, we will discuss the latest solutions and products we are announcing. But the part I am most excited about is the panel featuring two small businesses from two completely different industries: Matternet Inc., a drone technology company, and Lamark Media, a creative marketing agency. Both offer stories of innovation and transformation, and both identified white spaces in their respective industries that needed addressing and found an innovative way to solve for it.

Matternet uses drone technology to make access to critical goods more efficient.

Matternet’s mission is to make access to goods as simple, universal, and frictionless as access to information. Their products enable organizations around the world to build and operate drone logistics networks for transporting goods on demand, through the air, in a fraction of the time, cost, and energy of any other transportation method used today. Matternet, with its drone technology and logistics, provides fast access to critical, life-saving drugs and diagnostics in rural and suburban areas in a manner that is four times more efficient than a road-based courier service. Matternet is equally impactful in urban environments with overloaded infrastructure.


Lamark Media is a business accelerator that leverages integrated marketing strategies to fuel growth.

Lamark Media began as a full-service customer acquisition agency and soon discovered the inherent lack of transparency and synergy between the channels they use to acquire customers and analytics there-off. Lamark Media is keen to provide real-time analytics and actionable data to their clients with a focus on performance and optimization. They have built an entire organizational culture around customer value and responsibility that guides them on every engagement and clearly reflects in the value they provide to their clients. In the words of CEO Byran Shetsky: “Because, while it might be your business—when we’re helping you solve your most pressing business challenges—it’s our business too. That’s because we only win when you win.”

We are honored to call these two small businesses our customers at Cisco. Join us at our Small Business Innovation Talk where we explore stories of leadership and inspiration such as those of Matternet Inc. and Lamark Media and how we will use technology to solve the world’s biggest challenges and imagine possibilities for tomorrow.




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Taru Khurana

Marketing Manager, Product/Systems