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You’d be amazed at what you can get for $10K

March 19, 2014 - 4 Comments

As an SMB, you thought there are solutions/options completely out of your range – 10 Gigabit, Virtualization, Stacking, 16TB Storage, POE+, Layer 3, etc.

If I told you you can get all of the following (an entire future-proofed feature-rich SMB network with Storage) for under $10K, what would you say?

Network Infrastructure:


Storage (NAS):

  • Virtualization
  • 16 TB Storage
  • File Sharing and Backup
  • Video Editing
  • Storage costs – $3793 (pricing for part numbers below at on 3/12/2014)

Amazing, isn’t it? Here’s the list of equipment that will get you there:

1x SG500X-24P – 24p Gigabit POE Stackable Switch
2x SFP-H10GB-CU1M – Coax Stack Cable
1x WAP321 – WIFI Access Point
1x RV320 – Router with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
1x TS-879-PRO-E10G – QNAP NAS with 8x 2TB drives, 10G, and 10GbE cable (combination of TS-879-PRO, LAN-10G2T-D, 8x ST2000DM001)
* This NAS is one of many options – specific one used here as an example

A decade ago, $10K would have gotten you just one 10 Gig port on a Switch and one 10 Gig Server adapter port.

What does this solution enable for your Business?

  • Future-proof your network – you are ready for the next generation – 802.11ac WIFI, 10-Gig Ethernet, IPv6, Virtualization, Server Consolidation, POE+, etc
    • You will be ready for whatever might be coming your way in the future
  • High performance – a major boost in network speed and application responsiveness
  • Easier deployment, troubleshooting and management:
    • Stacking capabilities in the Switches – both Local as well as Horizontal Stacking
    • Multiple options for management such as CLI, Web GUI, SNMP
    • Discovery such as CDP, LLDP, Bonjour
    • Cisco Auto Smartports and Network-wide Auto-Voice (patent-pending) for zero-touch deployment
    • Less complexity – fewer cables, manage as a single switch
  •  Cost-effectively add high-speed Servers/Storage/Desktops
    • Support for 10GBase-T interfaces and with this interface being integrated into motherboards (LOM), this provides the most cost-effective way to upgrade your Server/Storage farms or high-performance workstations such as CAD/CAM desktops
    • Can also connect over direct-attach coax (DAC) from switch to endpoints for short distances
    • When longer distances are required, the switches also support Fiber via the SFP+ ports
  • Lower your Opex by lower power consumption
    • This infrastructure facilitates Server consolidation with a single high-speed interface as opposed to multiple aggregated 1 Gig interfaces, reducing power consumption
    • 10GBase-T interfaces support EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) which minimizes power consumption on the network
Cisco’s focus – to deliver the right product to the market at the right price point and this is clear evidence.

Now that is value for money, right?

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.42.24 PM

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  1. First off, I love the article and idea that getting ready for tomorrow is not as expensive as you think. If I was suggesting a SMB storage area there would be a couple items concern regarding the NAS:

    1. Since the is a business NAS and not for personal use, survivability of disk failure will be a must; so given the parts above, 16TB will never available storage regardless of array model when some level of mirroring is required. I would hate for this or any other article to somehow insinuate that RAID0 is an option for a SMB’s off-system file storage.

    2. Regardless of the SMB IT solution, reliability has to be a key part. These organizations typically do not have the staffing or redundant systems that the companies hav. Extended downtime or loss of data can be catastrophic to their survival. One investment in reliability has to be the quality of the disk placed in the NAS or SAN. If I were building a solution costing thousands of dollars, I wouldn’t cheat reliability for a few hundred dollars discount. The drives need to enterprise grade which in the case of the mentioned vendor would be something like their Constellation Enterprise Series.

    That is just my two cents on this. I have always found that when small businesses skim on the right infrastructure parts up front to save money, they typically end up losing more money within two years due to downtime.

    Do it right and weather the storm…

  2. Any contacts, if I need to grab this deal. Need something as a strong assurace for the deal, at this price..!! I am located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Hmm..awesome!!
    Is the 300k enduser price?