Our customers are looking for ways to simplify management of their Cisco devices and adopt new technologies faster while maintaining strong security across their environment. They are facing challenges in locating the right information necessary for deployment, obtaining access to the right resources, gaining visibility into their assets as well as more automated capabilities to reduce risks, increase uptime, and optimize overall performance.

Cisco CX Cloud was built to address these concerns, alongside the Success Tracks suite of service packages. A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, CX Cloud provides customers with unified access to all of their Cisco portfolio in one pane of glass. Users can view their assets, contract coverage and licenses, access insights into the health of their network infrastructure, be alerted to security advisories, detect risks, open support cases in-app, and take advantage of contextual learning to train their IT teams all within CX Cloud.

Realizing the value of IT investments quickly is critically important to delivering results with agility. Our customers have told us that they want to be able to self-service, but at the same time be able to leverage consultative subject matter experts to help navigate more complex infrastructures. For example, one of our customers mentioned that often once a vendor sells something, they are left to figure out how to set it up, how to use it, and how to make it work to meet their needs. Another received a mandate to eliminate all critical security vulnerabilities across their entire infrastructure in a relatively short time frame, which is traditionally neither fast nor easy to accomplish, and weren’t sure where to begin.

In partnership with our customers, the CX Cloud Insights & Innovation Team aligns CX Cloud’s platform capabilities with our customers’ goals, so value is realized faster. We help customers learn how to use the CX Cloud platform and move through every stage of the adoption lifecycle, removing barriers along the way and identifying how to make the platform exactly what our customers need it to be. We have engaged with many customers and have learned from them the many ways CX Cloud helps them every day.

CX Cloud dashboard as seen on Macbook

We engage with customers early and often, learning together and from one another and working together to solve their biggest pain points. Our engagement enriches the customer experience as we collaborate with our customers to determine how they can leverage the platform and how it can be used to help fulfill their responsibilities. As previously mentioned, one customer had to meet a deadline to reduce critical impact security advisories fast. They used CX Cloud Advisories to demonstrate their progress against this goal. It allowed them to identify what assets were vulnerable and then follow the guidance to remediate those vulnerabilities. From their efforts, they were able to reduce their risk by 33% in a matter of a few weeks. Customers say CX Cloud is intuitive and easy to use, and the expert level guidance from our team takes any remaining questions off the table to help them learn how to get the most from CX Cloud fast. The only question to answer is how fast do you want to go?

We actively search for solutions to problems customers face on a day-to-day basis while we train and educate them on how to use CX Cloud. Looking again at our customer who needed to tackle security vulnerabilities across their entire infrastructure, they knew immediately this traditionally is neither fast, nor easy to accomplish. With the capabilities delivered by CX Cloud, customers can be efficient and effective in achieving this goal and be proactively notified of critical vulnerabilities before they become an emergency. How is this possible? Using the insights and guidance delivered by CX Cloud, customers can skip the investigation required to identify if and where problems exist. Instead, they can move directly to remediation because CX Cloud will do the investigation for them by automatically scanning the environment. As shared by another customer, it takes on average two hours per week for them to investigate potential problems in the network. With CX Cloud monitoring their environment, those two hours can now be spent implementing fixes to known issues instead. What can you achieve with time back each week? And what more can you accomplish when reacting to problems is a thing of the past?

Our customers have never had as much say in the development of a Cisco product as they do with CX Cloud today. What is very exciting is how customer-centric CX Cloud really is in its development and product roadmap. Cisco is listening more than ever to learn from our customers what they need from CX Cloud and feed ideas directly into product development either through direct engagement or in-app within CX Cloud. Customer ideas are captured every day and reviewed throughout the week. Often our product managers will directly engage with customers to follow up and better understand their ideas and how they might be best implemented. And by submitting ideas online, customer will receive updates on the status of their ideas and will know when they’ve been implemented into production. Finally, in our weekly CX Cloud Club Conversations webinars, we train on, discuss, and learn about the future of CX Cloud with product management, where they also answer customer questions in a live forum.

What do you want CX Cloud to do for you? Through expert engagement you’ll learn how to maximize the value of CX Cloud platform, align it with your goals, and customize it to drive efficiency in your organization.

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David Hokerson

CX Cloud Insights Manager

CX Insights & Innovation, CPXE