It’s good to be bad — for good! No, we’re not talking about villains, superheroes, and the struggle of light over dark. We’re talking about network security. And in network security, sometimes it’s better when the bad guys win. Or at least it is when it comes to a red team engagement.

Here’s how it works: You have the organization on one side, and an independent group of hackers — the red team — on the other, working to break through the organization’s barriers. The point? For an organization aiming to better understand its security posture, a simulated red team attack and debrief can help identify areas for improvement and make changes in its broader security strategy.

Podcast Recording at Cisco Live Barcelona

Unlike a compliance-driven evaluation like a penetration test or vulnerability scan, a red team engagement adds a unique business context to a security assessment. Red team members work collaboratively with organizations to help them improve their security postures in the areas most relevant to them.

Curious to learn more about red team engagements? Tune in to our latest #CiscoChat podcast, recorded live on the Cisco Live show floor in Barcelona. In this episode, Client Services Managers Jack Courtney and Sam Baltrop discuss the basic details of a red team engagement, describe the kinds of organizations they best suit, and provide a few real-world use cases.

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