Business agility, lower cost of ownership, and the flexibility to scale up or down quickly. The cloud world is rich with benefits, and growing. According to IDC’s Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions, spending on cloud services and cloud-enabling hardware, software and services will more than double to over $530 billion by 2021.

The cloud is a key enabler of innovation for organizations focused on transforming their business. The cloud enables a digitally secure platform that offers the flexibility and agility to access applications from anywhere, at any time from any device. It enables transformation but it can also increase complexity.

Overcoming common cloud challenges

As a transition to the cloud continues in many enterprises, the network must also transform. Enterprise IT must adapt new IT operating models, managing on premises and hybrid cloud networks and on-demand applications and consumption-based services. Maintaining the security and privacy of critical data, the delivery of reliable cloud services, speed and integrity of data, network integration, and always-on connectivity adds to the complexity. It must effectively manage operations while controlling costs, minimizing risks, and driving business outcomes.

To help address these challenges, organizations can work with reliable cloud solution providers who can help develop, deploy and deliver fast, reliable cloud solutions and services.

Partnership delivers advanced networking solutions and services

This is where Cisco and Microsoft come in: We are committed to helping our customers navigate through technology transitions with innovative services.

Aimed at providing fast, reliable, and predictable private connectivity, we are providing secure network connectivity to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with Azure ExpressRoute, and centralized, solution-level support with Cisco Solution Support for Azure ExpressRoute.

Azure ExpressRoute enables customers to establish private network connections to the cloud with greater reliability, faster speeds, predictable latencies, and higher privacy than typical connections over the Internet.

Cisco is extending our Solution Support portfolio with a new offer for Azure ExpressRoute. This new offer provides world-class, centralized support for the customer’s on-premise network, covering both Cisco networking products and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Customers will receive centralized issue management and faster resolution of complex networking issues.

This partnership provides a more effective, agile IT operations approach, while offering more options for our customers seeking to deploy a better hybrid cloud strategy.

In addition to this new offer, we will continue to build on this partnership with more innovative services and solutions. To learn how you can experience a faster, more reliable connection to Azure cloud services, go to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. For more information on how your business can benefit from Cisco Solution Support, read the IDC Business Value Analysis on Cisco Solution Support.



Joe Pinto

Senior Vice President

Cisco Technical Services Group (CTSG)